Descent Into Madness

Admired by almost the entire hospital staff, it is believed Dr. Edgar Green has no professional equals. His success as a psychiatrist is viewed as a feather in the hospital’s cap as well as in his own. But what no one knows is that he is not as perfect as they think.

During a routine mental health meeting at the hospital, Dr. Green learns that an outbreak of suspicious fires that have plagued the city over the past year have now become lethal. As a serial arsonist continues to evade the authorities, the psychiatrist receives a strange, nondescript letter from a woman locked in a self-imposed prison who requests his help in a very unorthodox way in a desperate attempt to save herself.

While Dr. Green immerses himself in Edyth Verte’s case, the alleged arsonist is arrested. But when a local psychologist is assigned to evaluate the pyromaniac in prison, she cannot shake the feeling that something does not feel right. In this psychological thriller, a tormented soul battles dark voices as a murderous arsonist terrorizes a city desperate to escape a fiery wrath.

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