In his Descent of Madness series, Dr. Donner takes his readers on a psychological journey following complex distorted personalities.

The first book, “Descent Into Madness”, draws readers into the world of a mysterious pyromaniac seeking to avenge past emotional traumas.

Meet Dr. Edgar Green…

Admired by almost the entire hospital staff, it is believed Dr. Edgar Green has no professional equals. His success as a psychiatrist is viewed as a feather in the hospital’s cap as well as in his own. But what no one knows is that he is not as perfect as they think. During a routine mental health meeting at the hospital, Dr. Green learns that an outbreak of suspicious fires that have plagued the city over the past year have now become lethal.

As a serial arsonist continues to evade the authorities, the psychiatrist receives a strange, nondescript letter from a woman locked in a self-imposed prison who requests his help in a very unorthodox way in a desperate attempt to save herself.

While Dr. Green immerses himself in Edyth Verte’s case, the alleged arsonist is arrested. But when a local psychologist is assigned to evaluate the pyromaniac in prison, she cannot shake the feeling that something does not feel right.

In this psychological thriller, a tormented soul battles dark voices as a murderous arsonist terrorizes a city desperate to escape a fiery wrath.

“With his career plummeting, can he regain his past glory?”


As he strode down the hallway, he turned heads… He gave the impression that he was beyond triviality, beyond chit chat, beyond you. He was a higher state of evolution, seemingly untouchable; he appeared to have no flaws, no kinks.

As though guided by unseen radar, Green strode into the men’s bathrrom on the third floor. He frequently used this particular bathroom because it was usually unoccupied, and he could be alone with his thoughts. As he entered the men’s room, he quickly glanced to the cubicles to assure that nobody was there. When he was satisfied that he was alone, he walked over to the sink and turned on the cold water. He ran his hands under the soothing liquid, and it brought some instant relief. He looked at himself in the mirror. He frequently stared in this manner, reflecting in the image.

As he gazed at the mirror, others would think

“That face is perfect”

But the man who stared into this mirror, in this isolated bathroom thought:

“Who am I?”



Dr. Jeffrey Donner is a clinical psychologist who has managed a practice for over thirty years. He consults with a number of local agencies, supervises other therapists, and works with trauma survivors. He currently lives in Upstate New York….Read More